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Soul of Chogokin (超合金魂 Chōgōkin Damashii), is an amazingly intricate and beautifully designed line of adult collectible toys produced by the Japanese company Bandai featuring exclusively die-cast metal figures.
The line, which began in 1997, focuses almost exclusively on mecha (robots) taken from various 70’s/80’s anime series, although the line has diverged from this on a number of occasions, most notably the release of several mecha from the popular mid-90’s anime phenomenon, Neon Genesis Evangelion. The term Chogokin is Japanese for super-alloy metal, which was an fictitious type of metal used in the Go Nagai’s Mazinger Z comic from 1945. This beautiful line of toys is exclusively available in the Netherlands at both Concrete stores (hit the jump for more detailed pictures of this collection).

Written by Concrete Store

December 10, 2010 at 16:25

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