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adidas SLVR represents casualwear as smart, sleek, and effortlessly chic, carving out a niche for innovative pieces that match the pace of 21st-century lives.
The adidas SLVR Label has been introduced in 2009, due to the believe that there is a need in the market for sophisticated, tailored sportswear that lasts longer than one season. The adidas SLVR Label fulfills this need.

Under the creative direction of Dirk Schönberger, adidas SLVR continues to evolve its high-fashion perspective, combining precision tailoring with breakthrough fabrics and a sport attitude.

‘SLVR relies on the technical excellence of adidas whilst pushing the limits of sportswear,’ explains Dirk Schönberger. ‘It’s about staying open to new concepts and ideas. The fusion of tailoring and sportswear creates something that I believe is very relevant to culture right now.’

Designed for life on the move, adidas SLVR continues its stride forward.

Available now at CONCRETE.

Written by Concrete Store

June 5, 2013 at 12:05

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