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Concrete has added a new name to our wide range of brands, it’s our pleasure to introduce you all to Herschel. Read up on their story below and come check out the bags in one of our stores.

The story of Herschel begins in the early 1900’s, in Wick, Scotland. Peter Alexander Cormack, a barrel maker by trade, and his wife Annie packed the belongings of their small home in preparation for the long journey across the Atlantic to Canada. The government of the time was enticing families to immigrate through the homestead program. They gave these families land to farm, to support the growth of the country. The land that Peter and Annie were given saw them settle in the beautiful rolling hills outside of the town of Herschel, whose population today is counted at 30 residents.

Over a century after that move, Peter and Annie’s great grandchildren remain in the business of manufacturing. Instead of barrels, backpacks and bags are now created.
Herschel Supply Co. was started with the goal of bringing well-designed quality built product to market. Inspiration is drawn from vintage mountaineering, American heritage, world travel and fashion. Herschel reinvents these products with modern shapes, fits and feels, with fine regard for detail. Our product endeavors to compliment the consumer’s passion for individuality and personal style in a new way. Herschel is about our past, present and future. We are creating an environment that supports the new generation of fashion forward individuals.

Welcome to Herschel.

Enjoy Your Stay.

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July 30, 2011 at 04:20


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This spring/summer longtime Concrete favorite; Walter van Beirendonck collaborated with award-winning London based accessory brand: Chris&Tibor, for the second time. This time creating huge backpacks in the shape of a robot, a tiger and a crocodile, the inspiration of these bags was taken from the idea of having a life-size teddy bear type of buddy you can take with you on all your adventures around the world. All three bags along with special WvB x Chris&Tibor iPad and Macbook sleeves and the rest of Walter’s collection are available now at Concrete.

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April 19, 2011 at 15:52


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Below is Bobby Hundreds explaining what camera he uses, and more importantly what he uses to take his camera with him around the world, enjoy!

I often get asked what camera setup I shoot with, and the answer’s been the same for over 2 years now: The Canon 5D Mark II. But perhaps more importantly is what I store my camera in, and for the past half year or so, traveling around the world, on me everyday no matter where I go, it’s been my trusty Paparazzi 2 backpack, which is now available HERE.
I’ve also been getting asked what the difference is between the Paparazzi backpack and Paparazzi 2. Aside from the price differential, the original Paparazzi is a better fit for the casual blogging photographer, the bag comfortably fits an SLR camera and a couple lenses or so, as well as acting like a typical laptop backpack.
The Paparazzi 2 is a little steeper in price, I admit, but worth it especially if you’re a more serious shutterbug. The backpack as a whole is larger, more spacious and luxurious (word to Home Alone 2). One of the best features for the active photographer is that the camera compartment has a side-entry so that you don’t have to take off the backpack to access your rig.
This is what mine looks like below, you can arrange the body and lenses however you want with the velcro shelving, and the top compartment of the backpack has all kinds of room. And of course, as with all our backpacks, there’s a laptop compartment in the back.
We are one of the only brands in our category who regularly offers multi-purpose backpacks accommodating photographers of all skill levels. It’s important because clearly, photography is an integral component of The Hundreds aesthetic and lifestyle.
Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

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March 10, 2011 at 11:00


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Just in, the new Freitag F48 Hazzard backpack, with its smart, square and individual design and intelligent storage for all of your digital darlings. The Hazzard is made for the young professional that is ready to rock as soon as work is finished, carrying in landscape mode to the office with straps hidden, but as soon as works finishes, turn it back into a backpack and jump on your bike, going wherever the road might take you.

Also available as of now at Concrete, the rest of the wallet collection by Freitag. After already stocking the F51 Dallas, Concrete is now also offering the F59 Samantha and the F58 Miranda. Both made from used truck tarpaulin, bicycle inner tubes and old car airbags. Read more to see the pictures of all the Freitag bags and successoires we have in stock. Read the rest of this entry »

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December 22, 2010 at 12:31

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