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Following the release of The Hundreds’s 2012 fall lookbook, Bobby Hundreds takes us through the process and reasoning behind the photo shoot with support from accompanying behind-the-scenes footage. With a collection that features a strong use of camouflage and Native American prints, as well as washed-out color palettes, soft edges and distressed detailing, Mr. Hundreds discusses a theme that surrounds an apocalyptic time in which man is expected to coexist with the surviving beasts in a nomadic search for scarce resources.

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August 29, 2012 at 11:47


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Welcome to the future, to kick off this new year we present to you the latest arrivals from The Hundreds in collaboration with Diamond Supply Co, available NOW at CONCRETE. Check out the interview below with Hundreds founder: Bobby Hundreds, on what this collab means to him and how it came to be. Enjoy.

What was the whole concept and plan for the collaboration?

Nick and I sat down one afternoon in the back of his shop and a simple conversation turned into a big idea. This is the essence of a true collaboration. Being able to build a concept with a friend, for it to unfold organically, and develop into a reality that makes sense for all parties involved. All I knew was I wanted to bring back the all-over-print, since we were investing so heavily into camouflage, and I thought it was an appropriate throwback for two brands who have gained some notoriety in modern Streetwear. Nick turned the idea up another notch by looking at it from the Aloha-print perspective. Considering we’re both L.A.-based, where it’s still sunny in the winter, we wanted to rub that in everyone else’s faces by creating a colder-seasonal line that incorporated summertime themes.

Both of you guys are obviously no strangers to collabos, how do you approach each and every project these days?

It’s a blessing and a curse because so many brands and artists are open to working with us right now, but we still have to be smart and strategic with who we align our name with. Collaborations mean you are vouching for the other party involved, and each time you do that, you’re changing the image and credibility of your brand, even if slightly. So we have to weigh all the ramifications and positives that come out of co-branding with someone, and if it doesn’t help us in the end, then we don’t do it. This project should be benefiting us as much, if not more, than the other. It sounds arrogant, but to upkeep our brand and maintain a certain level of name value, we need to follow the philosophy that we don’t need to work with anybody, we don’t NEED to do a collaboration, the majority of the time the other need us to stay relevant.

That’s why this Diamond collaboration is a no-brainer. Both The Hundreds and Diamond are equally leaders in our respective fields. We can only help each other by working together, and the true winners are our customers and supporters.

Can you talk a little bit about the design? How do clothing and fashion collabos differ from say collaborations you guys may have done outside your realm on non-apparel based projects?

They’re not so different, they can provide unique challenges as far as styles to properly represent both sides; but for the most part, it’s still about translating a collaborative idea to a cross-pollinated audience.

How has Fairfax changed over the years? Do you think there’s any similar options in regards to creative hubs that are on the come-up in LA?

Fairfax has kinda become it’s own autonomous nation. It started off as a retail mecca for Streetwear kids, but now it’s a breeding grounds for creative youth from all walks of life: street culture, graffiti, art, music, design, fashion… It’s our generation’s Haight and Ashbury, and I’m proud to have watched it grow to this point. And then there’s the whole Odd Future element, and what those kids have done for our block – whether people like it or not, it’s created a whole new facet to Fairfax, Los Angeles, and the West Coast as a whole. Los Angeles has always had a strong cultural vibe, look at skateboarding and surf, Chicano culture, even the gang culture of the ’80s… The warm weather, the glory of Hollywood, the beautiful women… it’s the promised land out here, manifest destiny.

Any last words?

We hope the collaboration resonates with our fans, because we really did this one for them. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we wanted to create some serious noise. Fingers crossed that we pulled it off…

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January 2, 2012 at 16:04


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California-based lifestyle brand The Hundreds presents us with a new lookbook, enjoy. The Hundreds is available at Concrete.

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July 31, 2011 at 22:22


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After giving us an insight into the life of Jensen Karp of Gallery 1988 (check here), the Hundreds now showcase the home of friend Jon Halperine, whose home effectively blurs the lines between a living arrangement and a museum. An unreal collection of art from many household names are both seen hanging from the walls and displayed behind glass. Definitely an entertaining watch as he runs through his home which has virtually every inch of wall space covered.

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June 30, 2011 at 00:01


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May 30, 2011 at 14:59


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California-based lifestyle brand The Hundreds presents us with a new lookbook for its forthcoming summer collection. Staying true to its roots, the images were shot on the sunny beaches of SoCal and depict a group of friends going surfing while wearing plaid shirts, graphic tees, striped tanks and boardshorts from the label. Selected pieces from this shoot will be available at Concrete soon.

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May 5, 2011 at 11:14


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The Hundreds whip up a new video highlighting upcoming looks from the brand’s sneaker lineup for Summer 2011. Featured are classic styles from the “Footware” roster, including the Valenzuela, Johnson Low and Wayne High, along with appearances from The Hundreds New York staff and photographer 13thWitness. Enjoy! Expect to see a selection of these drop at Concrete later this year.

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April 26, 2011 at 12:05

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