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Recently Complex magazine asked Bobby Hundreds (co-owner and founder of the Hundreds) to set up a Top 50 list of the greatest streetwear brands of today. We here at Concrete do not necessarily agree or disagree with this list but did want to share it with you, mainly because we applaud Bobby for doing this very well, with all his reasons thoroughly explained and we are very curious to see what you think of this list, so please don’t be shy and drop a comment below.

When initially approached by Complex this is what Bobby had to say:

When Complex first asked me to select the Top 50 Streetwear Brands of All Time, I thought the following:

1) This is gonna get me in a lot of trouble,
2) but I wouldn’t want anyone else to write this,
3) so, sure.

As co-owner of the Hundreds, it’s a catch-22 for me. Anyone I leave of this list is gonna be peeved, and anyone who’s not #1 will be pissed they’re not higher. Anywhere I place our own brand on the list is gonna be scoffed, and I’m gonna look like I’m playing favorites, hating competitors or riding bias.

Worst of all, streetwear, more than any other industry or scene, is overrun with ego and insecure males, so friends and rivals alike will take with this list (and me). It’s gonna be an awkward MAGIC. But I’m okay with that, as long as streetwear is properly upheld.

To check out who made it to nr.1 or to see who’s fallen of the wagon, and to read the full article by Bobby Hundreds, hit this link.

Written by Concrete Store

June 29, 2011 at 00:01

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