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Our planet is covered by two-thirds ocean. Our ocean gave us the gift of life. In turn the inspiring immensity of our ocean gave us our name: TWOTHIRDS. Our ocean makes us who we are and gives us immeasurable joy. We at TWOTHIRDS aim to address like-minded people; those who are awake and aware of the immense value of our oceans, people deeply connected to surfing and those who have a thirst for substance and style.

TWOTHIRDS was established in San Sebastian, Europe`s premier surf-city.

Scroll down to learn more about our Activism, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Constitution

We use 10% of our gross profit margin to actively support measures to protect and preserve our oceans as well as create awareness and educate through our Sentinel Program.

TWOTHIRDS is setting an example to the industry by being the first clothing brand to replace its polyester bags with a packaging that will completely biodegrade into naturally occurring substances and produce no harmful residues.

We promote the use of Organic Cotton because simply put, less pesticides end up in the ground and hence in our oceans.

We are trying to minimize the impact of any kind of fabric treatment. Using chlorine free merino wool, veg tan leather, untreated garments or simply, by limiting the amounts of colours we use.

We try to minimize water usage at our own facilities as well as actively work with our external partners to reduce the water used in the production process.

Dead stock fabrics are leftovers of finished fabrics that are more often than not simply disposed of. We promote the use of such fabrics and pick the highest qualities for details and garments.

Our oceans have converted into massive trash bins for any kind of plastic materials. We actively promote the use of recycled polyester as we believe that your recycled polyester board shorts belong in the ocean, plastic bottles do not.

Cotton recycling is an environmentally friendly process because it does not use any new cotton, dyes, or harsh chemicals since the cotton waste is sorted and blended by colour to make “new” (recycled cotton). Especially the water usage is minimzed as no new cotton plants do not have to be watered.

The paper we use is called Shiro Alga and it is made from algae that would otherwise clog up the venetian lagoon. The algae is used in partial substitution of pulp and combined with FSC fibbers.

We strive to minimize our impact on the environment. We endeavor to be that little bit better every day. We are aware that we need constant improvement and revision of all our actions to protect what we love: our Oceans.

Our entire supply chain is measured by its impact on the ocean. We are in a perpetual search for new solutions and constantly reflect upon our status quo.


We are not perfect. We try to actively promote change and make things a little better. Our focus is the preservation and protection of the ocean. Research and impact measurement are in constant change. We are aware of this. If you know more than we do, please write to us:, we are always happy to learn from you.


Available now at CONCRETE.

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September 13, 2013 at 17:31


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Since his early collections, Walter has been inspired for his designs
by art, music and literature, all mixed with ethnic and nature influences.

Walter Van Beirendonck is considered to be one of the main trend-setters
in men’s fashion by the professional press.

His designs are very recognisable by either strong graphics
or innovating cuts and unexpected colour combinations .

The red thread throughout his collections is his sense of humour,
sex with an eye-wink and his concern about ‘safe sex’.
His continous statements about the fashion-world,earth,nature, contemporary life
and society are collected in prints and slogans.
Often ‘double bottomed’!
Always in a complete unconventional context.
Since 1983 carries every collection a well-defined name.

The WvB collection is available at CONCRETE.

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September 8, 2013 at 14:23


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New Adidas SLVR collection is in-store now at CONCRETE.

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September 8, 2013 at 13:54


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The Klein debuts mixed materials with earthy wool and corduroy uppers refined suede uppers, leather trimming and white soles. The muted military green color way is understated and modest, while the timber wolf color way offers a cool and contemporary alternative.


The rugged Dom the perfect shoe to pound the pavement in style. The boots feature a blend of denim and canvas uppers for an updated look while gauge stitching gives these rugged boots added durability.

The Generic Surplus History
Founded in Los Angeles as an extension of The Generic Man, Generic Surplus aims to continually push the evolution of everyday shoe design while simultaneously capturing the spirit and aesthetic of the city’s diverse, modern-day urban landscape. From the desert to the sea and places in between, our shoes aptly reflect the authentic nature of the music, art and fashion scenes we, and our wearers, are so connected to.

Understated Sophistication
Blurring the line between sneaker and shoe, casual and dressy, our “generic” footwear is defined more by the individual wearer and his sartorial sense than it is the singular design itself, thereby representing pure, uncompromising integrity. With only the discreet trademark signature on the heel, Generic Surplus celebrates personal identity and is the ideal footwear for the man who is confident enough to reject conventionality.

New collection in-store now at CONCRETE.

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August 16, 2013 at 16:00


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fin acapulco

Acapulco Gold is back. The new collection once again differentiates itself from other brands by their brilliant use of very subtly being very wrong. Think teddy bears armed with baseball bats, mixing and matching different gang colors and more. In-store now at CONCRETE.

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December 2, 2012 at 13:44


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Lust never sleeps. The title Walter Van Beirendonck gave his new show acknowledged the durability of our baser instincts. The clothes he made to accompany that acknowledgement won’t be matched on any other catwalk this season. Their combination of cartoonish joie de vivre and deeply sinister subtext was unsettling, a reaction that WVB has effortlessly courted throughout his career, as anyone who had the pleasure of seeing his recent career retrospective in Antwerp will know.

The collection was based around a literal face-off between masks: the kind that warriors in Papua, New Guinea, or voodoo high priests in the Caribbean paint on, and the leather kind that Western fetishists wear in big-city sex clubs. Van Beirendonck’s standard cast of African models wore these masks, most of them in an Elastoplast pink that was like a parody of Caucasian skin. He insisted that was simply because he liked the contrast, but the effect was profoundly disturbing.

And maybe it’s just because Van Beirendonck makes you think such thoughts, but it was hard to resist the idea that his sleekly civilized tailored suits were also a mask for a whole repertoire of beastly impulses. Lust never sleeps, remember. The designer certainly was full-on with his fetish references—not just the masks, but full-body leather waders, fluffy mohairs, and pointy little details such as the black rubber padlock around one model’s neck or the tiny tufts of fur that defined the fingernails on a candy-colored leather body glove. One set of waders, in leaf green leather, was worn over a jacket, shirt, and bow tie that matched. This outfit seemed particularly worthy of a psycho/sociological fashion analysis for the way in which propriety was restrained. The fact that it was all in cartoony colors hardly diminished its force. In fact, it simply highlighted the fact that the collection was a natural heir to Vivienne Westwood’s SEX shop or Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, two other instances of cartoon antics masking a lethal assault on the everyday. Stepping outside the Espace Commines into a drizzly Saturday morning, it was instantly, sadly obvious that the everyday will never, ever know what had hit it.

Collection available now at CONCRETE.

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November 2, 2012 at 11:55


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The Fall/Winter 2012 collection for adidas SLVR is here, further cementing SLVR’s own unique identity as more than just another brand extension. The German expressionist science-fiction film Metropolis served as the basis for the collection’s sleek, and slightly futuristic underpinnings. Under the creative direction of Dirk Schönberger, SLVR serves as adidas’s edgier, but functional athletic-inspired line – evident in pieces like these long trench coats, motorcycle jackets, slim jumpers, clean cardigans, and carefully tailored button-ups. The lookbook was shot by Willy Vanderperre, and features models Carlos Peters and Yannick Mantele.

Available now at CONCRETE.

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October 26, 2012 at 12:41

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