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Akomplice Clothing’s latest endeavor finds them teaming up with legendary photographer Ricky Powell. In celebration of Ricky Powell’s 50th anniversary, the two collaborated on a signature collection of the New York Crimes hat. Akomplice felt it was only befitting to collaborate with Ricky after he dubbed himself the Akomplice “poster child” for reppin’ their NY Crimes hat so often in photos. For any who may not know, Ricky Powell is an iconic photographer that has captured history through his lens and shot everyone from Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat to The Beastie Boys.

This year Ricky has been making stops around the world in celebration of his 50th year anniversary. The next stop will be November 17th in Santa Barbara, California at the Akomplice flagship store where Ricky will unveil the release of the New York Crimes beanie and snapbacks. To commemorate the release, Ricky will be live in the building with a live photo exhibition.

Ricky Powell Bio Written By Ricky Powell

Ricky Powell…The Lazy Hustler *..The Funky Uncle …The Doloist..The KooL Substitute Teacher..The Illy Funkster..The 4th Beastie. He’s made a carreer out of being an ‘Individualist’..since 1985. He runs errands for a living and absorbs his surroundings on the fly..with / via a camera in his pocket, a notebook locked in his armpit, and a sharpie in his cap so that his ideas don’t ‘evaporate’ ..’Ideas are gold’ …. He kiltededed this year with photo shoots for WeSC, X-Large, aNYthing..Kangol, Frank 151 as well as designing a new sneaker for PONY in conjunction with their 40th Anniversay..’ He’s our Broadway Joe Namath’- Mr. PONY..And has been commemorating / celebrating ‘Ricky@50′ all over the place (including Melbourne, Tokyo, London, and China-town nyc)..with retrospective photo exhibits, Live Slide*shows, and dj’ing chunky sets of jazzy funk…Coming up: The release of his new New York Crimes hats with Akomplice in Cali, mid november..and then culminating in Miami at Art Basel with his latest crew, Kaboose…Come experience his zooted butcompelling anecdotes at his slide show..’Street Photography is like my transistor radio..the playlist is infinite…’ … (Websites for Ricky are and his mixtapes via We are The Good Life .com…..One is titled ‘The Funky Uncle Park Bench Mix Tape’ accompannies his live slide show).. *..7 hustles: show host/ interviewr..designing (shoes, t shirts, head phones, ), entertainer(slide show).. curator..mix tape wizaed..and part*time gigilo for older women on a moderate income.

Available now exclusively for the Netherlands at CONCRETE.

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December 14, 2012 at 13:00


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Join us this Friday at CONCRETE‘s first pop-up block party brought to you by New York City creative twins Dee & Ricky, to celebrate their collaboration with PONY, A Product Of New York. During the PONY collaboration launch, the design duo is hosting a series of events, from their new restaurant in Brooklyn, followed by a European tour to pre-eminent style boutique, Colette (Paris), and now in Amsterdam’s CONCRETE.

We will reveal the first collection of the long-term Dee & Ricky X PONY collaborative partnership. The ‘Urban Jungle’ inspired capsule collection features the limited edition sneakers, which are challenging the likes of the Jeremy Scott Leopards and the AF1 Harajuku Tigers.

It will be 5 hours of Hard Work and Hard Play.

3-5pm, Invited journalists and bloggers will hear first-hand how they came to build Lego accessories for Marc Jacob’s, get hyped by Kanye West, open a restaurant in Brooklyn, release a series of G-shock watches, and then partner with PONY.

5-8pm, Afterwards, the doors will open up to the greater public to feast on hotdogs & beers while swooning to classic NYC soulful beats by Amsterdam’s FS Green. The evening will be topped off with a shoe signing and photo opportunity session with Dee and Ricky.

Dee & Ricky are available for interviews at CONCRETE. To make an appointment, please contact Salma:
+44 2078371349.

We look forward to seeing you there.
(click here to RSVP on the Facebook event page)

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December 15, 2011 at 16:20


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Urban magazine the.LIFE Files catches up with G.O.O.D. Music rapper Big Sean in New York City where they talk about hip-hop fashion and trends. Sean also shows off his gold Balmain belt (a gift from Kanye West) and his Rolex ring. Enjoy.

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April 12, 2011 at 12:35


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This video gives us a glimpse of what the New York City subway system looked like back in 1986, nearly 25 years ago. Shot with a 16mm film camera, the footage captures the bustling excitement of the Time Square station just a few years before the city’s Metropolitan Transit Authority implemented a “clean train” policy which removed all trains featuring graffiti tagging off the tracks for good.

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March 31, 2011 at 11:19


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New York Times did a piece in their style section on the current streetwear movement in NYC, focussing on two Concrete favourites: Mishka and the Hundreds. Read the excerpt below or click HERE for the full article.

THE Mishka store is a burst of bright underneath the J-M-Z tracks streaking off the Williamsburg Bridge. A life-size E.T. peers out over the unkempt block through a window trimmed with purple neon. Just inside is a Street Fighter II arcade game, rigged for free plays.

In SoHo, squeezed in among high-end boutiques, is the first New York outpost of the Hundreds. An artfully distressed mirror runs the length of one wall, and the furnishings are done in dark wood and Chesterfield-style black leather.

They’re two solutions to the same problem, the collision of hip-hop fashion, skateboarding gear and work wear that’s generally called street wear. It’s a neat trick of deracination, or post-racination. As rap music seeps more and more into the fabric of pop culture, its accouterments become more familiar. In these lines, lessons drawn from the 1990s explosion of brands like Phat Farm, Fubu, even Karl Kani are mixed with the lessons drawn from the ’90s appropriation of Polo and Tommy Hilfiger. The results are tough but relatable, a style that connotes insiderdom while excluding no one.

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March 25, 2011 at 11:42

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G-Shock is proud to announce a new collaboration with artist/entrepreneur Craig Costello, a.k.a. “KR”, founder of Krink (High quality art supplies).

“Staying true to the G-Shock toughness and technology, the DW6900KR-8 carries the tradition of Krink’s minimalist design aesthetic, the DW-6900KR-8 has a metallic matte silver finish (Casio pulled it out of it’s library especially for KR) and for the first time in G-Shock history, the watch will bare a full mirror face and LCD display. Craig also omitted all technical type from the inner ring on the face of the watch, making this piece the cleanest look G-Shock has ever produced. Each G-Shock x Krink timepiece has a custom-made “silver on silver” commemorative tin for its collectors.”

The watch will release around April 2011 at Concrete.

To compliment the collaborative release, both KRINK and G-Shock link-up to present a short video which highlights several topics. Of course the notion of working together with Casio G-Shock is discussed as well as his initial foray into painting mailboxes and working in New York City.

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March 17, 2011 at 13:33


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Concrete is pleased to present the Stussy Womens Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook shot and directed by photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis. New York native Jarvis, who has spent the last five years living between Los Angeles and London, gives us a behind the scenes look infused with a hyper-real summer day. The mood was inspired by movement, colors and textures that capture the essence of Stussy and Southern California.

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March 11, 2011 at 12:17

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