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OBEY AWARENESS has teamed up with Urban Roots and Tree Media to raise funds in support of a call to action that creates farms within schools in urban areas. These farms are used not only to grow food but to educate as well. Since funding for this type of project was not previously available, Tree Media Foundation partnered with the Green Schoolhouse- a Los Angeles-based school garden consulting and design company. Together they created a pilot program to build school farms called “Field of Dreams”. The Field of Dreams farms function as an outdoor classroom where high school students learn the sustainable practices of planting, composting and water conservation to grow food with the highest organic and nutritional value. Each school will experience the growth cycle from seed, to harvest, to table. The goal of the project is for students to bring home the message that growing your own food is a simple and vital process.

The new OBEY AWARENESS collection is available now at CONCRETE.

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March 4, 2012 at 14:02


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With the Obey & Stefan Glerum: CONCRETE store takeover starting next thursday (23rd of Feb), the man behind Obey: Shepard Fairey will guest star on the 23rd Season of the iconic television series, The Simpsons in an episode titled, “Exit Though The Kwik-E-Mart.” In order to get back at his dad, Bart goes undercover as a graffiti street artist and plasters Homer’s unflattering image all over Springfield. But one night, Bart and Milhouse get caught in the act by established street artists Shepard Fairey, Ron English, Kenny Scharf and Robbie Conal (guest voicing as themselves), and to Bart’s surprise, they invite him to exhibit his satirical artwork in his very own gallery show. Meanwhile, a hip, new health food superstore opens in Springfield that threatens to put Apu and the Kwik-E-Mart out of business. In speaking about the honor of being able to be a part of such a groundbreaking program Fairey commented, “part of being on ‘The Simpsons,’ is you’re being honored as a reference point in culture. But you also can’t be too sensitive about that part of culture being made fun of. There’s irony that comes with something outsider becoming insider. And they do a great job of examining that.” The episode is set to air the 4th of March.

Feel like joining Obey, Stefan Glerum and the CONCRETE crew at our Amsterdam shop takeover, click here for RSVP.

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February 17, 2012 at 12:41


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On Thursday February 23rd we are proud to present to you the launch of OBEY Artist serie by Amsterdam’s very own Stefan Glerum.
We will be launching serie of 3 T-shirts at the Concrete gallery/image store on Spuistraat 250 in Amsterdam.

Besides the actual T-shirt serie that will be released world wide, we will offer exclusively at Concrete for 3 days only:

– Limited screen printed posters of the OBEY X Stefan Glerum Artwork
– A limited T-shirt specially created for the event

So these will only be available at Concrete image store Amsterdam from Thursday February 23rd at 18:00h until February 25th.

Also a big part of the new OBEY Spring 2012 collection will be presented in the store.

Come check it out and join us for a beer (yes a free beer).

Don’t sleep on it!

Take a sneak peak here

And click here for more up to date info and RSVP.

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February 16, 2012 at 11:57


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Curtis Kulig aka Love Me and Obey will be releasing a collaborative collection for the brand’s Spring Artist Series. Love Me’s tags have become highly visible in recent times be it out on the streets or as part of special projects for Nike Sportswear, the Standard LA, Lovecat and others. To further expand on this collaboration, the two have come together for this video clip providing insight into Kulig and Shepard Fairey’s history together. Check it out.

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February 12, 2012 at 12:30


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Oh SNAP! To kick off the new year CONCRETE has got a fresh load of snapbacks by Acapulco Gold, Mishka, The Hundreds, Mitchell & Ness, Stussy, Obey, Akomplice and more!

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January 5, 2012 at 11:50


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The new OBEY Awareness collection is in-store now at Concrete, check out the full story below.

OBEY AWARENESS has partnered with The Keep A Breast Foundation to raise awareness and support for KAB’s continuing efforts to eradicate breast cancer by exposing young people to methods of prevention, early detection, and support. KAB harnesses the power of art to communicate complex feelings and thoughts about health, the female form and ultimately about breast cancer.

The new OBEY AWARENESS collection has a close connection to Shepard Fairey, whom has been a supporter of The Keep A Breast Foundation since it’s inception 10 years ago. This campaign will pay homage to the women in Shepard’s life including his Aunt whom he lost to breast cancer, his Mother, a breast cancer survivor, and his wife and two daughters. Obey has come together with KAB to make sure that breast cancer prevention, early detection, and support are always available to those in need.All profits of this collection will be donated to help fund KAB’s support, education and prevention programs.

The statistics supporting the need for breast cancer awareness are alarming. With only 5-10% breast cancer having a hereditary link KAB fills an important gap not currently being addressed by other breast cancer awareness organizations by creating breast cancer awareness programs that educate young people on breast cancer prevention. KAB’s awareness campaigns educate young people on how to identify specific threats and warning signs of breast cancer, and inform and educate about the dangers of toxic chemicals in our environment and food supply and their link to breast cancer initiation. By education young people that they can lower their risk and prevent breast cancer, together we seek to put the focus of breast cancer on prevention. Prevention is the cure.


Obey is available at Concrete.

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September 20, 2011 at 14:58

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