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The WeSC Spring 2011 Collection is about differences – the differences that eventually brings people and places together. It’s the fusions between opposites that are highlighted – the hard and soft, the strong
and romatic, the fun and the structures. These are the influences for the collection that is presented: it’s a
clash between the romantic and the harder, workwear and voiles.

Heritage materials such as denim are used in its originality but also in re-worked and updated versions,
complementing oxford and chambrays, thin 110 gr cotton, fine knits and more structured garments.
Army green, a wide spectrum of blues, from chambray and oxford blues to teal and navy to purple,
mixed shades of white – these are the colours that run through the theme and different pieces in the
collection, complementing the fabrics and shapes in a timeless manner.

The spring sure looks good!

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Written by Concrete Store

January 14, 2011 at 13:29

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